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The Montrose Community School District is proud to offer high school students an opportunity to earn their diploma in a virtual alternative setting. Montrose Choice School serves Montrose and surrounding communities. Our goal is to provide uniquely tailored courses and programs that meet the academic and individual needs of each student. The alternative education team develops innovative opportunities for each student to be successful.

How is a Choice education different than a regular high school? Montrose Choice School is a free public education program serving high school students up to the age of 20. Our school is virtual, which means you can learn at the rate and hours that meet your current lifestyle. Our classes are online so you can work any hour of the day or night. Our classes my be virtual but our teachers are live, and they are available to assist with your classes. Our courses my be virtual, but our building isn’t. Students are welcome to come in and get face to face help from our teachers, or stop in if you just need a quiet place to work. We even provide breakfast and lunch. Montrose Choice School helps students obtain a legitimate high school diploma by providing flexible schedules, credit for students who have jobs, and the ability to work through more than 6 classes a semester so you can catch up if you are behind in credits. Make the right Choice for your education, give us a call and see how we can help you earn your diploma.

Credits transferred from all high schools Core curriculum aligned with Michigan Standards and Benchmarks Highly qualified teachers Credit for having a job Skill Center Opportunities Special Education Program Virtual Classes


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